First day of school!

I could barely stop smiling this morning with Ms. Geach’s kindergarteners on their first day of school! All classes were very well behaved today. 

We got off on a tangent today with Ms. Essic’s class talking about Foot and Mouth Artists . These are disabled artists who use their feet and mouths to make art! These artists don’t let anything stop them!

4th graders, I want to remind you about my Artists of Color door, which is a door where I feature artists who have overcome prejudice and challenges related to their class, race, or gender to be great artists. Currently, the list includes Gordon Parks, Elizabeth Catlett Mora, and Jacob Lawrence. My art room library also includes books about Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera, who are famous Latino artists. 

1st Graders will be studying Joaquin Torres-Garcia, a Uruguayan painter who is known for his cityscapes. Older grades will study Mexican abstract expressionist Rufino Tamayo as well. His painting Tres Personajas, is famous, because it was recently sold at auction for millions after being found in a dumpster in Manhattan!


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