4th Grade Creatures

For the past two weeks, the 3rd-5th graders at Liberty Point have either used or prepared to use the clay of the earth. Ms. Billingslea’s 4th grade class especially has had an opportunity to try two different kinds of clay, one being “black” clay, which appears chocolate brown until fired at a Cone 6, which is VERY hot (over 2000 degrees Fahrenheit)! After firing, the clay matures to a gorgeous, rich, brownish black. We can’t wait to finish our clay and fire it!


2nd Grade Sea Turtles

2nd Grade learned about Endangered Species and Sea Turtles of Georgia State. They also learned about the difference between 2-D and 3-D! See for yourself courtesy of Ms. Armelin’s students:



1st Grade Clay Teacups

This picture has been sitting hiding inside Ms. Styer’s camera since before the winter break!

These were done by Mrs. James’s class, pinch pot tea cups! 

Kindergarteners modelling Art Smocks

Thought I’d share some pictures of what the kids have been up to in the art room. I love it when they wear their smocks to art class! When they wear a smock to art class (an old t-shirt over their clothes or the equivalent), they get a sticker.

Young Masters Art Fundraiser

Today, I’ll be placing order forms in the mailboxes of each homeroom teacher to send home with their students for Young Masters. Parents may be interested in purchasing a variety of products with their child’s artwork printed on it. The artworks were very successful, and I plan on purchasing several items for gifts and for my own use!

Our school has already raked in $80 from the sale of Wall Pics! They will be hung around our school in the next week or two, as soon as they arrive from the printers! Then the students can take them home and enjoy them!
Pictures are on the way!