Parrot project

Michaela from Ms. Shingle's Kdg class

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To kick off our last unit, my “nephew”, Simon is visiting. He is a parrot owned by Amanda and Eric Styer of Murfreesboro, TN. His resume includes visits to two other schools in Fulton County as well as schools in the Middle TN area.

Almost every student is surprised how soft Simon is and one student commented about his plumage, “He’s glowing!” This has been an awesome week!

1. kids meeting Simon and learn about parrots

2.  draw Simon using direct observation

3. learn about two different artists who used parrots as subject matter, Mexican artist Frida Kahlo’s 1931 Self-Portrait with Parrot and American John J. Audobon’s 1832 Carolina Parakeets.

We are expecting a follow up visit from Amanda Styer and Simon before the end of the school year.


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