We Need STUFF!

The Art Department at Liberty Point ES works hard to provide for our students. Our school cares about art, and our administrators LOVE the art hanging on the walls of our school! We currently have a shortage of art supplies.

Do you have any of the following stuff to donate? It is mostly stuff you would throw out anyway, so donate it, you!!

1. tissues, hand sanitizer, and lysol. We go through one or more boxes a month. 700 kids use the artroom for 45 min a week x 4 weeks=  3 hrs a month. Eventually, someone’s going to need to blow their nose or sanitize their hands. Please help our kids develop good hygiene habits!

2. old t-shirts, aprons for smocks

3. empty ice cream gallon buckets and similar containers.

4. cardboard tubes, cardboard pieces

5. wrapping paper, various types of paper

6. plastic netting that fruit comes in

7. New York Times newspapers (great for making hats!)

8. buttons, ribbon, yarn

9. old magazines (no lingerie catalogs please)

10. old books or cards such as playing cards missing a few from the deck, used greeting cards

11. objects for observational drawing such as outdated fake flowers, sea shells, sundry knick knackery

12. old towels

13. old calendars with pics of animals, scapes, artworks, etc…

14. old baskets, pillows, fabric scraps, rug samples



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