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5th graders have been learning about geometry and art by constructing and designing flexible paper sculptures with interactive faces consisting of many equilateral triangles. Students review types of triangles and geometric facts about triangles and hexagons.

Virginia Killmore of Tully M.S./ H.S. in Tully, NY must be thanked for this lesson plan. Her website contains various resources for those interested in further study.

The real challenge is folding neatly and exactly so that flexagons work without a catch or hitch that might prevent flexing. Students learn the importance of craftsmanship and following directions. A few kids have had to start over, but practice makes perfect! As Picasso said, “I do that which I cannot do in order that I may learn how to do it.”

The following are some of Mrs. Cook-King’s wonderful class’s trihexaflexagons. Great going, Cook-King!


non-objective paintings

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1st grade is making wonderful things!

Non-objective= no objects

Other subject matters in art are portraits (people or animals), landscapes (land, sea, or city views), still life (non-living objects), and genre (tells a story) artworks.


Kindergarteners have Ms. Mary Nowak to thank for the idea of making these amazing hats! Hats and fashion are part of art! Hats are sculptures that you can wear, fun-ctional art, and these kids are looking good!