Hamaya Hiroshi Tadashi


(original Japanese link: http://w2223.nsk.ne.jp/~namakefugu/)
One of our students has a family member, his grandfather, who is an amazing artist. He lives near Tokyo, Japan. Seeing his prints is an honor. First graders are currently making fish kites like the one in the print above.

Mr. Tadashi has a distinctive style and I especially enjoy how he depicts children in nature. Japan looks like a very lovely place!

All grade levels K-5 do different types of printmaking in art class including stamping, creating stamps, styrofoam printing, and reduction prints. As a middle school and high school student in Fulton County Schools, all students practice even more advanced printmaking techniques like speedycut (making stamps and prints carved into rubber/plastic sheets), woodcuts, screenprinting, lithography, and etching. Printmakers have to be very neat and careful so their artworks looke nice and are perfectly lined up or “registered” when they are finished.
If you are interested in an artistic career, printmakers can also earn a hefty bit of money doing their craft. One of the most lucrative types of printing is screenprinting, which often uses computer graphics and special chemicals. Screenprinters make t-shirt designs as well as printing on things like keyboards, car interiors, signs, and many other things.


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