Germantown Schools, here I come!


I am glad to announce that I accepted a job as an Itinerant Art Teacher for the Germantown School District near Memphis, TN! I will be working at Farmington Elementary and Dogwood Elementary Schools. My new email will be

I loved working at Liberty Point, and I really miss my coworkers and the students there.

What do my students remember about our time together? As for me, I remember hugs. I remember Christopher asking “what color is a shark’s eye?” and Chaz asking “when is Simon coming?”.  I remember when Brandon smiled because he had made his first reduction print, which was just like the smile on Marquisia’s face when she blew into her trumpet for the first time and sounded like Miles Davis. I remember “fainting” on the floor of the artroom when Joshua carefully drew the eyes on his self-portrait, listening to music with Jacob and Joseph while they helped in the art room, and discussing with them how our anger is like little flame (we all have one). Our flame can light up a room, but can also destroy a house if out of control.

I remember girls and boys who are not necessarily the loudest students, but they are leaders. I remember “Be nice, be kind, be a friend” and talking about the lion and the mouse. There are years of great moments I remember, and I hope you do too.

Next year there will be more great moments to share on this blog.

Peace and love