Walk-a-thon 2010

  • Walkathon- students walk laps around the school to raise money for specials
  • October 8th, 2010 
  • during their specials time

There may be freebies such as wrist bands for all students who partipate.

How to get sponsors: show people your form and ask them to sponsor you per lap.

We hope each  child can get ten sponsors. The money raised will go to our specials departments- Art, Music, and P.E.!  The fund raiser will help us so much, even if all you could raise was a single dollar! If each student at our school got even one dollar from their sponsor, we would have almost $700!

Parents, we thank you for sponsoring your students and for for asking your friends and neighbors for help! Students will turn in their money each day to their specials teacher. We hope that you get involved! It will make a big difference!


Week 5 Update

We thank:

  • Mr. Rob Peterson for his donation of 100’s of dollars worth of art supplies to our school
  • Wendy and Karen Styer for their donation of brand new sharpees, pens, and glue


  • T-shirts for Knd and 1st to wear to art class over their clothing as an art smock
  • plastic bottle caps and lids for our plastic art project
  • ice cream gallon buckets

Currently, all students are working on 2-D artworks in unit 1 of our art curriculum. Kindergarten Piet Mondrian paintings are on display! 1st grade Kandinsky paintings to music, 2nd grade sea turtles, and 5th grade graffiti power words are being painted this week and will be on display very soon! 3rd and 4th grade are focusing on learning the Elements of Art and making Elements of Art Accordian books, which will be on display in the library in the next coming weeks. Keep your eyes peeled for art!