Donors Choose

This is my first try at Donors Choose, and I’m requesting something very basic- crayons and markers. We struggle with getting basic supplies at our school, and I hope someone picks up the project. Companies often pick up the entire tab, and individuals can donate a few dollars towards a project as well.

Wish us luck!


PTA Curriculum Night!

Hey there, students, parents, and colleagues! I’m hoping to see lots of smiling faces tonight at PTA! Wanted to share a few curriculum facts with you about what the children are up to in the art room! The pictures you see here are from the lesson Kdg just finished learning about how artists show feelings with colors. They learned about Picasso’s blue period and about VanGogh’s yellow sunflowers, always pointed towards the sunlight.

Kdg- 2nd grade will be working with clay sometime in the next 9 weeks. 3rd- 5th will be printmaking and using some form of paper sculpture, either origami, paper mache, or paper sculpting in some form.